About Neil

I was born in Wales; I have two older brothers and a younger sister that still live there. Unfortunately my father passed away when I was nineteen, but I am happy to say that my mom is still going stronger than ever. Growing up with my family was a great childhood experience, but for some reason I always had dreams of living in America.

In 1980, I left high school and started a four year apprenticeship with an engineering company. Those early work years were definitely the foundation for the work ethic that my father had instilled in me. After the four years, I was kept on as a machine technician and imagined that this would be my career for life.

In 1986, I had the opportunity to finally visit the USA, and spent about five weeks travelling the West coast. I loved the time that I spent here and the following year I decided to make the move and start a new life.
In 1987, I began working in the construction industry and spent the next 12-13 years obtaining the experience and knowledge that has helped me to become a successful home inspector. In 1993 I became a partner with West Coast Construction and in 1996 I obtained my own general contractors license.
In 1997 I met my wife Allison and two years later we married. We decided to start a family as early as possible and in 2000 our son Tyler James was born. We both love being parents and in 2004 our beautiful daughter Ava Bella was born. During this time, Allison and I decided to purchase some vacant land and set out to build our family home. I was the general contractor during construction and performed a lot of the work myself. This was a difficult and rewarding experience which also increased my knowledge of construction to help me become a more qualified inspector.
I have been working as a full time inspector since 1999, and will continue to strive to improve my services and further my education so that I may better serve my clients.